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A coming of age story about an ambitious hitman who dreams of becoming the top dog in Mumbai.
Pop City (2019)
Dir. Rohit Mittal • Hindi with Eng Subs • Cert 15 1h 20m
Powerful and heartfelt documentary about a small village in Rajasthan that uses the act of planting trees as a symbol of their women’s found freedom.
Sisters of the Trees (2018)
Dir. Camila Menéndez and Lucas Peñafort • Hindi, Marwari with Eng Subs • Cert 12A 1h 26m
An eye-opening documentary exploring the lives of migrant labourers working in the tea fields of Bangladesh. In partnership with Bertha DocHouse
Baganiya (Garden of Memories) (2018)
Dir. Humaira Bilkis • Bhojpuri, Bengali with Eng subs • Cert 12A 1h 11m
Sthalpuran is a poignant and tender tale of an eight year old boy who seeks refuge from loneliness through his imagination and diary entries.
Sthalpuran (Chronicle of Space) (2020)
Dir. Akshay Indikar • Marathi with Eng Subs • Cert 12A 1h 26m
A young man who works as a matchmaker struggles to cope with his own broken heart after being abandoned by his long-term girlfriend.
WingMan (The Universal Irony of Love) (2020)
Dir. Anuj Gulati • Hindi with Eng Subs • Cert 15 1h 25m
A struggling private investigator is finally given a chance to escape his everyday, humdrum existence when he comes across and unusual robbery.
Lorni - The Flaneur (2019)
Dir. Wanphrang K Diengdoh • Khasi and Hindi with Eng Subs • Cert 15 1h 46m
Documentary that follows the journey of a blind swimmer who successfully completed the world's longest swimming competition in the Ganges River.
Swimming Through The Darkness (2018)
Dir. Supriyo Sen • Bengali with Eng Subs • Cert 12A 1h 16m
Mara Pappa Superhero tells the story of a nine year old Gujarati girl’s struggle to convince the world that her father is a superhero.
Mara Pappa Superhero (2021)
Dir. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi • Gujarati with Eng Subs • Cert PG 2h 0m
A young Indian poet embarks on a journey of self-discovery trying to find a moment of calm in his rapidly changing world.
Trijya (Radius) (2019)
Dir. Akshay Indikar • Marathi with Eng Subs • Cert 12A 1h 31m
Ghar Ka Pata is an autobiographical account of director Madhulika Jalali’s journey to Kashmir in search of her identity.
Ghar Ka Pata (Home Address) (2020)
Dir. Madhulika Jalali • Hindi, Kashmiri with Eng Subs • Cert 12A 1h 7m
A Muslim cop in Chicago, is forced to question where his loyalties truly lie when his orthodox, estranged father, Baba, unexpectedly visits.
I'll Meet You There (2020)
Dir. Iram Parveen Bilal • English, Urdu with Eng Subs • Cert 15 1h 30m
Who is Baul is an epic documentary delving into the centuries old music traditions of the Bauls sect of Bengal.
Who is Baul (2021)
Dir. Sairam Sagiraju • Bengali with Eng Subs • Cert PG 54min