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Bread & Belonging

51m Dir. Sonia Filinto • Konkani, English, Kannada with Eng subs • Cert PG 2020

Set in the small but vibrant Indian state of Goa, Sonia Filinto’s documentary tells a heart-warming story of food and cultural migration through the lens of Goa’s most famous bread, pão. The film follows Alzira and her family who have been quietly following their love for baking for generations, but are nowadays struggling to keep their business alive in a changing world. Not far away, Kiran and his co-workers run a bakery with the tenacity of migrants, adapting to a new trade, new language and even new food. Meanwhile, Marius, a returning migrant with family roots in Goa, is on a mission to bring pão back to its former glory.

Online Q&A with Sonia Filinto.


Sonia Filinto


Konkani, English, Kannada with English subtitles