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1h 41m Dir. Ananth Mahadevan • Marathi with Eng subs • Cert 15 2020

World premiered at Busan Film Festival Ananth Mahadevan’s story is based on true life Indian crop workers struggles. In need of money, young Sugana quits college to work in the sugarcane fields with her family. Workers arrive by the truckload to work in this cash rich industry, but nothing is how it seems. Suguna discovers a harsh truth. She is absent for three days to accommodate her menstrual cycle and upon her return learns that she will have to pay a fine for the missed days. Hard up for money and with the system rigged against her, Sugana faces a harrowing choice that will affect the rest of her life.

Online Q&A with Ananth Mahadevan.


Ananth Mahadevan


Marathi with English subtitles