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Baganiya (Garden of Memories)

1h 11m Dir. Humaira Bilkis • Bhojpuri, Bengali with Eng subs • Cert 12A 2018

This screening is in partnership with Bertha DocHouse, UK’s first cinema dedicated to documentary.

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Filmed over the course of several months in Bangladesh’s remote tea fields, Baganiya follows the incredible lives of three labourers. Padmoluv Bunarjee, in the last stages of his life, still remains nostalgic of his British Colonial masters. Young Chieftan Sojoy Yadav feels trapped by history, but continues his work in the tea fields and school drop out Chandan wants to elude this work and exploitation altogether. Through the lives of these three individuals from different generations, Humaira Bilkis weaves an elegant tale of labourers, whose lives are still impacted by the framework of colonial rules that still govern the tea industry.


Humaira Bilkis



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