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Ruhul lives under the shadow of planes, aimless and frustrated, until he meets Arif and quickly gets pulled into a world of revolutionary politics
Runway (2010)
1h 30m Dir. Tareque Masud • 2010 • Bangla with English subtitles • Cert 12A 2010
A delightful rom-com about Jay a former TV star whose life has hit rock bottom until he meets the girl of his dreams
One Crazy Thing (2016)
1h 34m Dir. Amit Gupta • 2016 • English • Cert. 15 2016
In this audacious drama, a woman decides to pass as a man in order to avoid the gender discrimination prevalent in society
Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna (Flying On One Wing) (2003)
1h 21m Asoka Handagama ∙ 2003 ∙ Sinhala with English subtitles ∙ Cert 15 2003