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LIFF 22 - Q&As and In Conversations

A talk with Aparna Sen and Kokona Sen, hosted by Jane Crowther
In conversation with Aparna Sen - Q&A at BFI (2022)
42m Q&A, Interview 2022
Q&A with Anurag Kashyap and other special guests Interview by Dr Rachel Dwyer.
Dobaaraa - Q&A at BFI (2022)
24m Q&A - Interveiw 2022

New Levels (British South Asian Short Films)

Year-Round Programme

Ruhul lives under the shadow of planes, aimless and frustrated, until he meets Arif and quickly gets pulled into a world of revolutionary politics
Runway (2010)
1h 30m Dir. Tareque Masud • 2010 • Bangla with English subtitles • Cert 12A 2010
A delightful rom-com about Jay a former TV star whose life has hit rock bottom until he meets the girl of his dreams
One Crazy Thing (2016)
1h 34m Dir. Amit Gupta • 2016 • English • Cert. 15 2016
In this audacious drama, a woman decides to pass as a man in order to avoid the gender discrimination prevalent in society
Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna (Flying On One Wing) (2003)
1h 21m Asoka Handagama ∙ 2003 ∙ Sinhala with English subtitles ∙ Cert 15 2003

Exclusive Q&As

BBCs Haroon Rashid speaks to Iram Parveen Bilal.
I'll Meet You There Q&A (2021)
34m Interviewed by Haroon Rashid 2021
Aisi Hee director Kislay in conversation with BollySpice editor Stacey Yount
Aisi Hee (Just Like That) Q&A (2021)
29m Interviewed by Stacey Yount 2021
The cast and crew of A'hr interviewed by film critic Ashanti Omkar
Kayattam (A’hr) Q&A (2021)
34m Interviewed by Ashanti Omkar 2021
Journalist Anuj Radia in conversation with director Wanphrang Diengdoh and actor Adil Hussain
Lorni - The Flaneur Q&A (2021)
30m Interviewed by Anuj Radia 2021
Exclusive Q&A with director Ramesh Sharma interviewed by Dr Talet Ahmed
Ahimsa – Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless Q&A (2021)
35m Interviewed by Dr Talet Ahmed 2021
Director Suman Mukhopadhyay interviewed by journalist Amrita Tanna
Nazarband Q&A (2021)
30m Interviewed by Amrita Tanna 2021
Film critic and BBC broadcaster Ashanti Omkar interviews the team behind Pebbles
Pebbles Q&A (2021)
43m Interviewed by Ashanti Omkar 2021
Director Suman Ghosh interviewed by journalist Momtaz Begum-Hossain
Searching For Happiness Q&A (2021)
30m Interviewed by Momtaz Begum-Hossain 2021
Director Madhulika Jalali interviewed by Sangeeta Datta
Ghar Ka Pata Q&A (2021)
28m Interviewed by Sangeeta Datta 2021
The cast and crew of Ashes On A Roadtrip interviewed by Dr Varsha Panjwani
Ashes On A Roadtrip Q&A (2021)
51m Interviewed by Dr Varsha Panjwani 2021
Director Sonia Filinto interviewed by film critic Ashanti Omkar
Bread & Belonging Q&A (2021)
27m Interviewed by Ashanti Omkar 2021

Special Guests In Conversation

Actress Janhvi Kapoor in conversation with The Guardian's Mike McCahill
In Conversation With Janhvi Kapoor (2021)
47m Interviewed by Mike McCahill 2021
Bollywood director KJo in conversation with Girls On Film's Anna Smith.
In Conversation With Karan Johar (2021)
60m Interviewed by Anna Smith 2021
Actress and musician Shruti Haasan in conversation with film critic Ashanti Omkar.
In Conversation With Shruti Haasan (2021)
57m Interviewed by Ashanti Omkar 2021
Avtar Panesar in conversation with festival director Cary Sawhney
In Conversation with Avtar Panesar (2021)
1h 7m Interviewed by Cary Sawhney 2021
Pam Cullen in conversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir
In Conversation With Pam Cullen (2021)
1h 5m Interviewed by Nasreen Munni Kabir 2021
Shabana Azmi shares golden insights into her five decade long career, in conversation with British Asian director Pratibha Parmar.
In Conversation With Shabana Azmi (2020)
1h 20m Interviewed by Pratibha Parmar 2020
One of Bollywood's most versatile actors, Ayushmann Khurrana opens the festival with an in-depth In Conversation event, about his life and career.
In Conversation With Ayushmann Khurrana (2020)
51m Interviewed by Larushka Ivan-Zadeh 2020
Hollywood actress Freida Pinto is In Conversation with Anna Smith, chair of the UK Film Critics’ Circle.
In Conversation With Freida Pinto (2020)
58m Interviewed by Anna Smith 2020
BAFTA and Academy nominated director Mira Nair is In Conversation with LIFF's director, Cary Rajinder Sawhney MBE
In Conversation With Mira Nair (2020)
45m Interviewed by Cary Sawhney 2020
A longtime friend of the festival, Adil Hussain delves into the depth of his craft in this special "In Conversation" event
In Conversation With Adil Hussain (2020)
1h 12m Interviewed by Peter Webber 2020

BFI Masterclasses

Irrfan Khan in conversation with Asif Kapadia at BFI Southbank (LIFF 2013)
Tannishtha Chatterjee on Dekh Indian Circus at BFI Southbank (LIFF 2012)
Mani Ratnam in conversation with Peter Webber at BFI (LIFF 2015)
Santosh Sivan in conversation with Nihal Arthanayake at BFI Southbank (LIFF 2014)
Anurag Kashyap In Conversation At The Mockingbird Birmingham BIFF 2019
Anurag Kashyap In Conversation At The Mockingbird Birmingham BIFF 2019 (2019)
1h 15m Masterclass 2019
Farhan Akhtar in conversation with Nick James at BFI Southbank (LIFF 2014)

Red Carpets

2015 Closing Night (Death of a Gentleman)
2014 Opening Night (Sold)
2016 Opening Night (Parched)
2012 Opening Night (Gangs of Wasseypur)
2015 Opening Night (Umrika)
2016 Birmingham Opening Night (Parched)
2017 Birmingham Opening Night (The Black Prince)


LIFF Director Cary Rajinder Sawhney (2015)
Anup Singh, Director of Qissa (2014)
Alka Bagri (2018)
LIFF Programmer Naman Ramachandran (2016)
Cast and crew of Umrika (2015)
Mani Ratnam and Manisha Koirala (2015)
Cast and Crew of Parched (2017)
Director and Producer of Suleemani Keeda (2015)